Our volunteers

To make this project a real success, the JEUNES KARIBUS is surrounded by dedicated and talented collaborators willing to make a difference for the youth within the Kativik region.

Geneviève Pellerin

Purchase Manager
Geneviève Pellerin Geneviève Pellerin loves to stay busy and support interesting causes! During her maternity leave from the Kativik Regional Government, she gave a hand to the JEUNES KARIBUS project by ordering all material needed for the expedition. She is a valuable contributor to the success of our youth project!

Marie-Andrée Fortin

Marie-Andrée Fortin Marie-Andrée Fortin is one of JEUNES KARIBUS's invaluable ambassadors. As well as being a Sirius wilderness first aid trainer, her work with the athletes helps to develop in the field competencies like nutritional meal planning. She also provides important administrative help with our logistics, communications, and sponsorship arrangements.

Marie-Hélène Caron

Communication Advisor
Marie-Hélène Caron Marie-Hélène Caron provides outstanding support to the JEUNES KARIBUS project in terms of coordination and communication duties. Her energy, efficiency and dedication are an invaluable addition to the project.

Mathew Holden

English Revisor
Mathew Holden

Mathew Holden is a substitute teacher at Kuujjuaq's Jaanimmarik High School. From Surrey, British Columbia, he collaborates with the JEUNES KARIBUS as an English revisor. Reliable, quick and dedicated, he has everything to be considered a perfect volunteer!

Pierre-Luc Vaudreuil

Outdoor Activity Helper
Pierre-Luc Vaudreuil Every time the Kuujjuaq Team goes camping, Pierre-Luc Vaudreuil is there! He can be counted on to not only guide our skiers to their destination, but to prepare the camp site for their arrival beforehand as well. A teacher at Kuujjuaq's Jaanimmarik High School, he has been involved in the JEUNES KARIBUS project for two years. We are lucky to have him on board!

Pierre-Martin Aussant

Material Shipper
Pierre-Martin Aussant Pierre-Martin Aussant is the man for the job when it's time to pick up and ship our gear from Montreal. For the past two expeditions, he has volunteered his precious time by running here and there to gather our expedition supplies and bring them to Montreal cargo. We're lucky we can rely on Pierre-Martin for such an important task.

Ronny Voigt

Ronny Voigt Ronny Voigt is the designer of this website and our Webmaster. Ever since he moved to Kuujjuaq (straight from Germany), he has been working on this great tool to introduce the JEUNES KARIBUS project to the world.

Valérie Gagné

Cross-country Ski Expert
Valérie Gagné Valérie Gagné, also known as "Acorn", is athletic, enthusiastic, and funny. She has participated in many ultra-marathons. Her role in JEUNES KARIBUS is to teach us ski techniques. Valérie had her first winter camping experience with us and she sure loved her booties (down slippers). She likes travelling and going on adventures. She always gives her best and likes to push her limits.

Valérie Raymond

Source of inspiration
Valérie Raymond Valérie Raymond is a source of inspiration for all people involved in the JEUNES KARIBUS project. She has coordinated the past two expeditions with an attention to detail and a passion for adventure that can not be matched. Despite her busy schedule as a teacher, she never misses a chance to get out and cross country ski with the Kuujjuaq Team!