For the pilot project, a group of seven students skied from Kuujjuaq to Tasiujaq. The expedition took place from March 19th to March 27th 2015. The group skied a total distance of 141 km in seven days. They were accompanied on their journey by Marie-Andrée Fortin, Valérie Raymond and Maxime Saunier who were skiing with them. The group was also led by three local guides, Billy May, Louisa Annanack, and Billy Watt, on snowmobiles to ensure security of all.

The route between Kuujjuaq and Tasiujaq was strategically chosen because it was a marked snowmobile route, it did not have major inclines and had multiple survival cabins along the way that could be used for nights.
All participants that undertook the expedition were able to complete it. A sense of pride was built throughout the expedition amongst participants. Some students have already shown greater involvement in their education following this experience.

Have a look at the photos or get an impression of this adventure in the video: